Security Systems
Background audio and public address
Video surveillance cameras are becoming more popular and, most importantly, more accessible to the
average person. Huge store chains or gated communities aren’t the only places than can afford the
benefits of surveillance cameras anymore. They are available for your home and office needs, no matter
how simple or how elaborate a setup you require.

Types of cameras available for video surveillance:

You have a broad range of video surveillance cameras available to you. Understanding the different
kinds will make it easier to determine which one suit you best.
  • Fake security cameras – These are not actual cameras. They are a very inexpensive alternative
to purchasing an actual system. While these cameras can act as a deterrent, should
something happen, you will not have a record of it.
  • Covert surveillance cameras – These cameras look like regular items. A wall clock in a small store,
a teddy bear in a baby’s room, a potted plant by the front door—each one of these could very easily
be a surveillance camera. You can record without anyone knowing it.
  • Wireless security cameras – These offer more flexibility in set up. They are easy to install, can be
moved easily, are often small, have no tell-tale wires, and are very discreet.
  • Wired surveillance cameras – These cameras are appropriate for permanent setup. If you have
one location that you would like to constantly monitor and will not need it to be changed, a wired
camera is an option. Some may have to be professionally installed.
  • Night vision security cameras – These are ideal for any low-light areas, not just for the night time.
The camera records in black and white in order to capture images best.
  • Home surveillance cameras – When you buy a setup for home, you get a helpful system that
often includes such bonuses as timers for your lamps and motion sensors to go with the
wireless camera.