SuperVisions Electronics is one of the leading solution providers in Low current Systems, specializing in design supplies,installations of Audio Visual, Communications and Security Systems.

Super Visions Electronics established in 1991 when a group of Professionals recognized the need to come forward and accept the challenge of the growing demands in the field of Electronics. Since its inception the policy of the company was to set and maintain a standard of Technical excellence with emphasis on customer satisfaction.

The company’s engineering resources are situated in the commercial, industrial and financial nerve center of the U.A.E. ideally located to service the needs of electronics industry.

The prime objective of our company to provide high quality services to meet the needs and expectations, including price, delivery and service, of each of our clients. We aim to satisfy and exceed the expectations of each client on every project.

Supervisions Electronics has always adhered to a strict quality policy. SVE intends to continue building on its strengths in order to remain in the forefront of the U.A.E. Market’s fleet of best electronics and telecommunications projects by satisfying and exceeding the expectations of each client on every project including price, delivery and service. We at SVE derive pride from a job done well, on time and within budget.